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Private Domain Registration - Domain ID Protection

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SKGOLD® Hosting wants you to protect your online identity and keep your email address out of the reach of spammers. We feel so strongly about protecting your personal information that we’re offering our customers an opportunity to use Private Domain Registration / ID Protection.

You may not be aware that when you register a domain name, anyone with a computer can access your online contact information; they can find out who and where you are with a simple Internet search. Once they have your email address, they can dump all of their junk in your electronic mailbox; what’s more, they can sell your information to others and you may receive unwelcome and unsolicited sales calls, totally unchecked.

Register your domain name with SKGOLD® Hosting today and sign on to ID Protection at no extra cost, and the story has a different ending. When someone reaches out with a WHOIS search to learn about your online identity, our system reaches back with generic data that shields your name, address and other personal information.

Protect Your Identity!!!

Don’t take a chance that someone with bad intentions will use your goodness to spread badness. Register your domain with SKGOLD® Hosting, use our ID Protection system, and keep the bad guys out.

For more info please visit our Private Domain Registration page.

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